measuring speech

Recording & analysis solutions

Flexible hardware and software platforms


Data acquisition & hardware solutions to suit your organization

Redenlab Client™ | Redenlab Mobile™ | Redenlab Portal™ | Redenlab Survey (NEW)


redenlab portal®

Purpose built software to suit your needs

Protocol & tasks tailored to population

Adhering to FDA regulations on data security & management including 21 CFR Part 11

ISO & HIPPA compliant


Redenlab client™

Windows, macOS

Clinical trials

Healthcare research

High quality acquisition hardware


Redenlab Survey [*New]

Web based tool for device agnostic data collection

Ideal for population wide data collection

Suited to healthcare research

Redenlab mobile™

Recording remotely

iOS: iPad, iPod or iPhone

Secure data capture & storage

Smartphone delivery


Providing speech testing solutions to make better decisions, globally.