measuring speech

Clinical Trials

Speech biomarkers that are valid and reliable markers of treatment response


Speech tests can inform decisions about treatment response in clinical trials

Redenlab’s flexible technologies assist in the standardization and measurement of study outcomes. Redenlab’s expertise in speech protocol development and analysis ensures assessment approaches are tailored to the clinical and practical needs of specific trial requirements. Redenlab speech tests are based on solid brain-behavior models. Information derived from objective changes in speech can be used to make informed decisions about patient functioning and central nervous system integrity. Our work has focused on improving the mechanisms for acquiring, analyzing and interpreting acoustic (objective speech measurement) data for clinical trials. Our expertise and capacity is highlighted in these publications.

Our team can enhance trial management where speech testing is used through:


·  Protocol design and development

·  Flexible speech recording options (e.g., portable, iOS, Laptop, remote monitoring)

·  Population specific acoustic algorithms

·  Training and project management

·  Quality control and assurance

·  Statistical plans, analyses and interpretation


Driving speech biomarker research and application to make better decisions in clinical trials and heathcare