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Redenlab’s digital speech platform supports the delivery of meaningful outcomes through the objective measurement of communication.

Redenlab is the global leader for speech testing in industry run clinical trials. Our speech analytics are used to evaluate the efficacy of pharmaceutical treatments, as tools for monitoring patient health in medical clinics, and in cutting edge academic research worldwide.

We offer solutions for data capture, data management and data analysis for clinical trials and healthcare research.

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      Frequently Asked Questions

      • What are Speech Biomarkers and Clinical Markers?

        Speech biomarkers are acoustic or linguistic features that are extracted from a person’s speech and can be used to objectively measure changes in communication over time. These markers can provide insight into changes in cognitive, motor, and linguistic functions associated with diseases or conditions, such as Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, and multiple sclerosis.

      • How are Speech Biomarkers Measured and Analyzed?

        Speech biomarkers are measured and analyzed using sophisticated algorithms and machine learning techniques, which can identify patterns and changes in speech that may be difficult to detect through traditional clinical assessments. These biomarkers can be used to track the progression of a disease, monitor the effectiveness of treatment, and potentially provide early diagnosis or prediction of a disease.

      • What is The Significance of Speech Biomarkers in Clinical Trials and Research?

        Speech biomarkers have significant implications for clinical trials and research. Traditionally, clinical assessments have relied on subjective observations and measurements, which can be influenced by various factors, including the patient’s mood, the clinician’s interpretation, and measurement error. This can make it challenging to assess the efficacy of treatments accurately and consistently.

        Speech biomarkers offer an objective and reliable method for measuring changes in cognitive, motor, and linguistic functions over time. By tracking these changes, researchers and clinicians can gain insights into patient functioning and performance. 

        The use of speech biomarkers can also reduce the cost and time associated with clinical trials and research. By providing a non-invasive and easy-to-administer method for assessing outcomes, researchers can collect data more efficiently and with greater accuracy, reducing the need for expensive and time-consuming face to face clinical assessments.

        Overall, speech biomarkers offer a promising tool for enhancing the quality and reliability of clinical trials and research, leading to better outcomes for patients and more effective treatments. Clinical decision making can be enhanced through intelligent use of this information. However, simply recording and analyzing speech is not enough to answer questions about performance. Decisions around how these features are used and interpreted are key to any clinical trial design.

        Redenlab is at the forefront of development and validation of speech biomarkers, helping optimize the way clinical trials and medical research are conducted.

      • How Can Redenlab Assist with Clinical Studies and Research?

        Redenlab’s world leading scientific team specializes in the development and validation of speech biomarkers, which can assist with clinical studies and research in a number of ways. These include:

        1. Developing customized speech protocols: Redenlab develop indication specific test batteries  tailored to the specific needs of a clinical trial. Protocols are designed to capture a range of acoustic and linguistic features, providing insight into communicative function that is meaningful to patients, clinicians and regulatory bodies.
        2. Collecting and analyzing speech data: Redenlab’s cloud based platform is designed to capture and synthesize speech data in a standardized and reliable way, ensuring data is accurate and consistent across different sites, languages, and participants. This reduces measurement error and increases reliability of outcomes.
        3. Validating speech biomarkers: Redenlab’s team of key opinion leaders and experts has extensive experience in developing and validating speech biomarkers, ensuring that outcome measures used in a clinical study support decision making for sponsors and clinicians. 
        4. Providing technical support: Redenlab offers quality control and technical support across sites and studies to optimize the fidelity of data and study operations. Their digital infrastructure adheres to all data privacy and regulatory body requirements governing the pharmaceutical industry. This includes ongoing maintenance, updates, and troubleshooting to ensure that data collection and analysis run smoothly.

        Redenlab’s platform and expertise in speech biomarkers provides valuable and meaningful insights into patient performance in clinical studies.