Realize the benefits of objective monitoring in Huntington’s disease

Objective, sensitive and reliable markers of change in communication add value to clinical trials in Huntington’s disease. The dominant inheritance of Huntington’s disease means there is an opportunity for therapies to act before symptoms manifest. For trials to be effective in this space we need markers of disease that are sensitive to disease in the premanifest stage. Redenlab scientists have developed field leading methods and data for detecting subtle changes in performance during the premanifest stage of Huntingon’s disease, highlighting the sensitivity of speech to pathology in premanifest Huntington’s disease. Digital measures of speech and language offer great promise for trialists motivated by using cutting edge tools linked to meaningful outcomes.

Monitor Huntington’s disease early and efficiently

Huntington’s disease usually manifests in middle age, but carriers of the Huntingtin gene mutation can present with subtle deficits years before diagnosis. Redenlab’s data capture tools have proven sensitive to symptom change in the prodomal stages of Huntington’s disease, making it a promising tool for early disease monitoring. Read more about our work in the links below or contact us to learn more.

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