Different experience. Same trial.

Virtual trials and remotely delivered clinical services have become commonplace in some indications, but some challenges remain the same as traditional models of testing: collecting reliable and sensitive endpoints, project management and quality system requirements. When the responsibility for data collection is shared between patients, investigators and sponsors, Redenlab is there to help.

Our group of experts in clinical medicine science, technology and operation management can give your patients the best possible experience by creating smooth workflow and simpler participation procedures, alongside validated endpoints.

Low touch

Collect data with any device, anywhere

Secure, compliant and ready for any clinical trials

Fast and high quality data for powerful results

Why use Redenlab’s virtual trial solution?

Home monitoring assessment

Disease-specific speech assessment that accurately provides the big picture of patient condition during the entire clinical trial

One algorithm. One population.

Increase sensitivity and specificity of your clinical trial assessment whilst taking into account population differences

Compatible with site owned devices

No time to implement our devices? We’re compatible with other measuring devices and can still provide analysis that are acceptable to you.

Compliance with legislation

Highly data secure solutions that are fully compliant to GDPR, HIPAA and 21 CFR part 11.

Partner with Redenlab

Business partnerships

Partnerships with Redenlab enable sponsors to collect comprehensive and relevant data metrics in accordance with regulatory requirements for necessary trials.

Curebase, a company dedicated to democratizing clinical trials through a decentralized model is partnering with Redenlab, a global leader for speech testing in industry-run clinical trials.

Speech can be a sensitive marker for specific neuro conditions that is often a crucial aspect of patient monitoring for pharmaceutical trials in the neuro space. Redenlab, a neuroscience technology company, uses speech and language biometrics to enhance decision-making in clinical trials. The Redenlab user-friendly digital speech platform provides flexible, objective measurement and analysis of communication ability that can evaluate the efficacy of pharmaceutical treatments, as tools for monitoring patient health in medical clinics, and in cutting-edge academic research.

For more information about how partnering with Redenlab can give researchers a more comprehensive approach, contact us.

    Curebase, a company dedicated to democratizing clinical trials through a decentralized model is announcing its partnership with Redenlab, a global...

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