measuring speech

Redenlab team

Expertise in speech and clinical trials


Adam vogel Phd

Adam Vogel PhD is Chief Science Officer and Founder of Redenlab. He currently serves as CEO and leads Redenlab’s speech testing and analysis work. Adam has an international track record for developing speech tests to guide decisions about brain function and quality of life in clinical medicine and drug development.

Adam holds a PhD in behavioural neuroscience from The University of Melbourne and degrees in psychology and speech science from the University of Queensland, Australia. He is also Director of the Centre for Neuroscience of Speech at The University of Melbourne, Australia and maintains strong research alliances with the leading clinical centres in Australia, Europe and the United States. 


Scientific team

Paul Maruff Phd

Paul Maruff PhD is Chief Scientific Officer at CogState Ltd, Australia and Professor at the Florey Institute of Neuroscience and Mental Health in Melbourne. He received his PhD in 1993 from LaTrobe University Melbourne, Australia. He is founder of CogState Ltd a company that develops cognitive tests specifically for the assessment of change in cognitive function in clinical trials and clinical practice. He is a member of the executive committee of the Australian Imaging Biomarkers and Lifestyle (AIBL) study and also serves as co-chair on the clinical panel of that study.

angela Morgan Phd

Professor Angela Morgan PhD consults to Redenlab on pediatric speech and language conditions. She is also Lead of the Speech and Language group at Murdoch Childrens Research Institute, Australia. Angela is a Speech Pathologist and National Health & Medical Research Council (Australia) Practitioner Fellow and has published on neurodevelopmental disorders including Koolen de Vries, Kabuki syndrome, Floating harbour syndrome, Dravet (SCN1A) syndrome and autism spectrum disorder. Her team ]focuses on: (i) identification of new gene pathways leading to child speech and language disorders, (ii) conducting genotype-speech and language phenotype association studies for rare genetic syndromes and (iii) elucidating the neurobiology of speech and language disorders using quantitative brain imaging techniques.

Management team

Roger o’sullivan JD

Roger O’Sullivan is acting as General Counsel of Redenlab, coordinating legal affairs across Australia, Europe and North America. Roger is an experienced life sciences attorney, having spent the last ten years as General Counsel at Cogstate, a cognitive science company that commercializes cognitive tests for use in clinical trials, academic research and healthcare. At Cogstate, Roger was a member of the executive management team reporting directly to the Chief Executive Officer and Board of Directors, providing day-to-day counsel regarding contract negotiation, regulatory compliance and management of the company’s intellectual property portfolio. He was also Cogstate's Chief Privacy Officer and Chair of its Security and Privacy Committee. Roger is current Chair of the Association of Corporate Counsel's Subcommittee on Pharmaceuticals and Research. He resides and practices in New York City.

Paul Kukiel (Chief Technology Officer)

Paul Kukiel is CTO of Redenlab, handling the development of its technology platforms and analysis pipeline. He has over 15 years commercial experience in biotech, realestate, medial and financial service industries. Working within heavily regulated environments on cutting edge technology is not without its challenges. Paul uses his experience to apply best practice in software implementation and delivery along side governance, compliance and security.