Redenlab is supporting a study sponsored by the Australian Department of Defence on ‘Enhancing decision making through speech biometrics’

The Research Network for Undersea Decision Superiority scheme is supporting a project on speech and decision making in submariners. The program is aligned with the Network Strategic Investment Plan and advancement of Australia’s sovereign research capacity and capability in the human sciences.

The study entitled “Enhancing decision making through speech biometrics” is run by Dr Michelle Magee and Professor Adam Vogel from The University of Melbourne, Australia and Redenlab.

“Stress affects decision-making. In high-stress military operations, where a decision can mean life or death, it is crucial to accurately and dynamically track an operator’s stress levels in-situ and to draw useful correlates with optimal decision-making/mental performance. This project will deliver a sensitive stress monitoring biometric speech algorithm that will have potential tri-service and multi-platform utility with immediate potential in a submariner context. Redenlab are supporting data collection and analytics.”

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